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FILOTHEA is an independent television production company known for the originality and attention to detail we bring to our productions.

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Outside Broadcast
Services - OB Vans

In the core of our innovative equipment are the OBVans (Outside Broadcast Vans).

WEB productions
Events facilities

Complete professional custom WEB Design, Development and Project management.

Audiovisual Consulting
Event Data & Analytics

Businesses new capabilities for Governments and private Partners.

Customer Centric approach

Our customers are at the center of all of our activities. We aim at turning good customers into advocatorse and we invest in building productive work relations.

Focused value proposition

We have the technology and industry expertise to develop solutions that lead to ad-hoc solutions, or even, patents. High levels of customer satisfaction and internal efficiency.

Open and Flexible structure

We strive to maintain an open and flexible structure that allows us to be more creative, responsive and innovative to technological changes and market trends.
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TV production
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Filothea HD productions

TV production

Our primary goal is providing the highest quality High Definition programming available today using the latest technology and the most skilled professionals in every discipline of the production process.

HDTV You won’t believe your eyes!

Filothea Documentaries


Filothea has a great experience in documentaries and travel video production.

From capturing stunning visuals to recording interviews, we will edit a final product complete with titles, narration, music, animations and other components, all depending on your needs.

LIVE Streaming

FILOTHEA offers LIVE video streaming, video conferencing and webcasting services.

Internet video production is a big part of what we do everyday for businesses, brands and Organizations. Using the very latest video technology we can produce LIVE video Stream and record your event.

Filothea Live Streaming

Road Shows

A roadshow is a great way to communicate products, services or companies to
its target group.

Road shows have evolved into a popular, effective and flexible means of promotion and direct client approach.

Html 5 Web Development

WEB Design

With numerous web design companies to choose from, it may be difficult to decide which company will design, maintain or search engine optimize your web site.

We focus on the developmental aspect of the web pages for your website. We concentrate on designing websites that will visually communicate your image to promote your professional objective to the world.

Filothea Social Media Communications

Social Media

Profile Management
Content Development / Copywriting
Blog Marketing
Social Media App Development
Multivariate Testing

Social Media Marketing

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    FILOTHEA provides trustworthy, proven and educated advice to affiliated partners and clients offering unparalleled qualified solutions.

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