About us


Filothea is an independent new media – TV production company known for the originality – attention to detail and a rich portfolio of past projects, throughout the world.


Filothea has conceived and produced hundreds of new media digital productions, including engaging corporate videos, successful TV commercials, award winning documentaries, entertaining HD music videos – dvds, high impact web videos and many more.

Global Perspective / Local Coverage

Filothea has been investing on web and digital technology, and after years of development and experience, Filothea is today covering all elements of new media digital productions. Over the years, Filothea has grown to dominate major event-coverage in Greece, earning a reputation for its expertise in seamlessly delivering high quality content via online video platforms.

In line with our internationalization strategy, Filothea has been executing projects in numerous EU countries and has been broadcasting content to websites throughout the world. To more effectively support our activities in northwestern Europe, Filothea has chosen Belgium to be its base of operations.

During our 20-year TV and 10-year new media production experience, Filothea team has demonstrated its ability to innovate while delivering reliable and value for money services to our customers.


As our name suggests, “Filo=friendly, or, nice” and “Thea=view”, our mission is to offer viewing experiences that are compatible to the expectations of both our final viewer and clients.


With our state-of-the-art bridging capabilities between real-life events and the World Wide Web, we are able to overcome space boundaries and enhance human interaction and communication, as well as, gather, organize and analyze information that is of relevance to these events. In fact at Filothea, we combine a proven proficiency at video-coverage and live streaming, together with an exceptional capacity in managing data. This combination leads to great many engaging and compelling digital media productions. We are all proud of our past achievements and confident in our future successes.


In pursue of this goal at Filothea, we have four values that characterize our everyday decisions.

– Customer Centric approach
– Focused value proposition
– Open and Flexible structure
– Fruitful Interaction