The REAL First Kiss: A film by VRT television shots First Kiss in real LIFE

“VOLT” a great show in VRT Flemish television re-makes the FIRST KISS in real LIFE. The result is great and Kobe Ilsen hit… more »

Film FIRST KISS : A film by Tatia Pilieva

FIRST KISS : A film by Tatia Pilieva

Real-life romance or just a performance? Watch the result! Tatia Pilieva asked twenty strangers to kiss for the first time…. and here is… more »

WEB TV Youtube

YouTube: Hits a Billion Monthly Users

YouTube breaks records with 1 billion monthly users. Read the YouTube Blog post and then have a look at the crazy statistics below.… more »

WEB TV tubemogul

TubeMogul Research: 4 of 5 viewers leave a stream in case of buffering

More than 81 percent of all online video viewers click away if they encounter video rebuffering, according to a new study by Tubemogul.… more »

Broadcasting SONY XAVC format

Sony: Presents new XAVC 4K recording format

Sony launched the new XAVC recording format that will be at the heart of its new industry-leading 4K products. Sony’s XAVC provides a… more »

WEB Design Get Your Google Back

Google: Get Your Google Back and Chrome Browser on Windows 8

Take two minutes to make Windows 8 more familiar. Watch here the video: If you’ve moved to Windows 8 and are getting acquainted… more »

RoadShows Porsche World Roadshow

Porsche World Roadshow 2012: Innovations with personal video and social media

Porsche is proud of its current lineup. So proud, in fact, that the German automaker has decided to take a handful of its… more »

OB Vans Vizrt Viz Slomo

Vizrt: Introduces the IP-based Viz Engine and Virtual SloMo solution

Vizrt Ltd. announced that the company has developed a new version of it’s real-time 3D compositing system, Viz Engine. This new version is… more »

WEB TV cisco logo

IBC2012: Cisco and NDS reinvent the TV Experience

Combined Companies Showcase Next-Generation Videoscape Experiences Delivered to “Any Screen”. At IBC2012 this week, Cisco and its newly acquired NDS unit are showcasing… more »

WEB Design dailymotion

Dailymotion: New multiple layouts with better video discovery

The world’s second largest video site Dailymotion is rolling out some brand new user interface options for its website design today to enhance… more »