WEB TV Zeebox

Zeebox: Adds Viacom to its growing list of TV partnerships

TV enhancement startup Zeebox has just closed a deal with Viacom that brings a slew of new cable channels into its service, the… more »

TV productions America’s Cup Gary Jobson

America’s Cup: Watch Live with Gary Jobson behind the microphone

America’s Cup winning tactician and veteran broadcaster Gary Jobson will be behind the microphone when the America’s Cup World Series resumes in San… more »

TV productions Paralympics USA

NBC Olympics: Criticized For Limited Airtime Of Paralympic Games

Comcast Corp. (CMCSA)’s NBC Universal, which broke ratings records with its extensive coverage of the London Olympics, is facing complaints from disability organizations… more »

TV productions Paralympics 2012 London Bridge

London 2012: Paralympics have their largest ever live television audience

This year’s Paralympics are expected to draw their largest ever live television audience – except in the United States, where events will receive… more »


NBC News: Harnessing the Power of Online

The Republican and Democratic conventions will give NBCPolitics.com a chance to show off its stuff — including a new NBC Politics app for… more »

Broadcasting Cisco

London 2012: NBC Olympics uses Cisco Videoscape Multiscreen TV

During 2012 Olympic Games, NBC Olympics, a division of the NBC Sports Group, offers select guests in London a glimpse into the TV… more »

WEB TV NBC Olympics

London 2012: NBC goes straight for Olympics gold!

NBC has finally released stats on its online Olympic efforts, and it has much to be pleased about. So far, NBC’s Olympic hub… more »

OB Vans NBC Olympics NEP Visions

NBC Olympics: NEP Visions provide OB units for unilateral venue coverage

NEP has been selected to provide an extensive array of technical and operational management services to NBC Olympics, a division of the NBC… more »

TV productions Dave Mazza @ IBC London 2012

London 2012: NBC Dave Mazza Senior Vice President, Engineering for NBC‘s Olympics Division

NBC Olympics send a veteran crew of more than 1,500 to cover the London Games, headed by Dave Mazza, NBC Olympics senior vice… more »

Ad News NBC Olympics

London 2012: NBC Universal Says Olympics Ad Sales Reach $1B

NBC Universal said its ad-dollar take for the Olympics has reached $1 billion, about $150 million more than its total take for the… more »