Social Media Facebook Barack Obama

U.S. Presidential Election: Social Media is the winner

With the presidential election just a day away, Governor Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama are ratcheting up the television campaign ads in… more »

Social Media 2012 Election Insights

Presidential Elections 2012: Discover here the Social Media Election

Anyone with a Facebook or Twitter account has probably noticed an increase in the number of political postings over the past few years.… more »

WEB TV Presidential debates on LIVE

CNN: Watch LIVE, Clip and Share Presidential debates on

CNN will stream the four presidential debates in October between President Obama and Republican challenger Mitt Romney live online and to mobile devices… more »

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Facebook: Partnered with CNN for 2012 presidential election coverage

Not to be outdone by Twitter, Facebook has partnered with CNN to create a digital home where the politically curious can follow the… more »

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President Obama’s “Ask Me Anything” on Reddit needed 60 dedicated servers

President Obama’s Ask Me Anything was a massive success, as Reddit highlighted in a blog post. Not only did the page get 2.99 million… more »

WEB TV YouTube Elections Hub National Conventions

YouTube: LIVE the Republican and Democratic National Conventions

Last week, YouTube announced the YouTube Election Hub, a channel where you can find the latest live and on-demand coverage from the 2012… more »

Social Media Google Four Screens to Victory

Google Politics: US November Elections Winner By the Numbers

Earlier this year, Google introduced “Four Screens to Victory”, a framework for political campaigns that outlined how Google can help make the web… more »

WEB TV YouTube Elections hub Tracking the 2012 election campaign through online video

From the infamous “Macaca” moment of 2006 to the recent Fox News/Google Debate, YouTube is a place where you can keep track of… more »

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Google : Politics and Elections – Four Screens to Victory

Access to political information no longer comes from one place — or one screen. television computers tablets mobile phones Voters use an average… more »