ÉCU: The European Independent Film Festival 2013

ÉCU – The European Independent Film Festival is dedicated to the discovery and advancement of the very best independent filmmakers from around the world.

ÉCU European Independent Film Festival 2012

The European Independent Film Festival provides a unique platform for risk-taking storytellers to reach the broadest audiences possible. It is through this platform that we achieve our goal in fostering the collaboration and exchanging of ideas to further the careers and artistic paths of our ‘Offical Selection’ directors. ÉCU – The European Independent Film Festival is deeply honored to be such a integral part of this creative process.

ÉCU has expressly established itself and is often referred to as the Sundance of Europe. As such, it is the perfect venue for bold and visionary filmmakers to present their work to the cinema-loving public who are actively seeking alternatives to commercial-hungry major studio projects.

ÉCU has increasingly gained attention since its inception eight years ago with much interest and appreciation by the European press. This kind of public attention engages the general public and industry representatives thus making it easier for independent filmmakers to receive the recognition they deserve.

ÉCU European Independent Film FestivalÉCU – The European Independent Film Festival has a wide variety of events for attendees to participate in throughout the weekend. Following every screening session, there are Q&A’s where audience members can pose questions directly to the directors. Directors then have the opportunity to respond and speak about their work and process. An assortment of workshops focusing on a number of subjects and hosted by industry professionals are available to all attendees. ÉCU is also a strong supporter of musicians and live music can be heard throughout the entirety of the weekend. Every evening there are amazing after parties were attendees and filmmakers can unwind, ideas can percolate, and a general good time can be had by all.

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