Madona how-old net What’s The Magic Behind All This?

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Hearing Hands - Touching Ad By Samsung

Sign Language: How to make his day Easier – Viral – Hearing Hands

Touching Ad By Samsung Ad Shows Strangers Secretly Learning Sign Language To Give A Deaf Man The Perfect Day. Samsung Turkey has released… more »

saythanks facebook video

Facebook: How do I create a Say Thanks video. #saythanks

To create a video: #SayThanks Go to Click on a friend’s name Choose a theme (ex: Friends, Old Friends, Family) Choose photos… more »

Facebook fans

Facebook: More control to ignore boring people and pages

Facebook is giving its users more control over the posts and people they see most in their news feeds. Facebook is continuing CEO… more »

ELLO social media

Ello: Simple, beautiful & ad-free Social Network :)

What Is ‘Ello’ And How Do You Get An Invite? Ello is a simple, beautiful, and ad-free social network created by a small… more »

Social media

TIPS: LIVE Covering Events with SOCIAL MEDIA

COVERING EVENTS LIVE ON SOCIAL MEDIA. Conferences in a wide variety of industries draw enormous crowds and press. Twitter, Facebook, Vine and Instagram… more »

Tomorrowland 2013 FANS

Tomorrowland 2014: Celebrates 10th Anniversary [LIVE]

Stay tuned for Tomorrowland LIVE stream!!! Tomorrowland has become the holy grail of sorts for electronic dance music lovers over the past 10… more »

#AskBarroso about the state of the European Union

European Deabates: Ask Barroso – Call Out for Questions! #AskBarroso

Your chance to #AskBarroso about the state of the European Union. #askbarroso Tune in on Thursday 12th September from 20:30 CET for a… more »

YouTube 1980 Easter Egg

YouTube 1980: Just type 1980 while watching a video

Easter Egg Just go to a youtube video. Any youtube video. Wait for the video to start. Type 1980. The video will slide… more »

Let's Move Hangout with First Lady Michelle Obama

Google Plus: Let’s Move Hangout with First Lady Michelle Obama

Submit your questions for the First Lady! The First Lady is using Google+ On March 4th, First Lady Michelle Obama is joining her… more »